Password recovery statistics

What are my chances?

File extensionCipher/Encryption typeUsually employed byAverage Time frameDecryption probability
DOC, XLS, PPT, PPSRC4 40bits MD5Microsoft Office 97,2000,2003 couple of minutes100%
DOCX, XLSX, PPTXSHA1 128bits AESMicrosoft Office 2007,2010 couple of hours76%
DOCX, XLSX, PPTX256bits AESMicrosoft Office 2013,2016 or newer couple of hours43%
RARSHA1 128bits AESWINRAR 3.X1-2 days57%
ZIPZIP proprietary 96bitsWinzipcouple of hours68%
ZIPZIP AESWinzip 5+couple of hours63%
EOCEOC proprietary 96bitsEncryptOnClickcouple of hours67%
PDFStandard 128bitsAdobe PDFcouple of hours63%
ODS, ODT128bitsOpen Officecouple of hours68%
7zipAES/LZMA27Zipcouple of days38%
CAPAES256Wifi WPAcouple of days68%

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